CAMEL Project

The CAMEL Resource for Educators is ready to be populated by your expertise and curricular resources.   

Join the CAMEL Community and share teaching resources about climate change, mitigation and adaptation. Find or contribute:

Assessment tools, Assignments, Audio/podcasts, Case Studies, Correlation Views, Data Sets, Definitions, Field Exercises, Games, Images, Lab Exercises, Lectures, Modules, PowerPoints, Reports, White Papers, Simulations, Syllabi, Videos


The rapidly evolving and interdisciplinary nature of climate change presents a challenge to colleges and universities as they seek to educate undergraduate students. 


To meet this challenge, NCSE and CEDD are developing a community of climate change educators, researchers and students to combat the impacts of climate change and is making this information widely accessible by providing a forum for sharing and accessing quality curricular materials.    CAMEL is a FREE, COMPHREHENSIVE, INTERDISCIPLINARY, ONLINE resource for educators to enable them to effectively teach about climate change.   The community and content will range from general education to upper division courses  in a variety of disciplines.  CAMEL is a three-year effort, funded by National Science Foundation award 095-0696.  


The CAMEL Leadership team:

David Hassenzahl, Chatham University, Lead P.I.
Barry Benedict, University of Texas, El Paso - Lead, Community Development
Arnold Bloom, University of California, Davis - Lead, Content
David Blockstein, NCSE/CEDD - Lead, Integration
Andy Jorgensen, University of Toledo - Lead, Faculty Development
Darren Cambridge, American Institutes for Research - Community Development
Peter Saundry, NCSE - Lead, Cyberinfrastructure
Ginny Brown, NCSE -  Project Director
Anne-Barrie Hunter, University of Colorado, Boulder – Evaluation 


At the center of the CAMEL Community, CEDD has taken up the challenge of education as a priority. Members of CEDD represent recognized expertise in virtually all areas of this project.